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Dead Poets’ Society

When the dead poets come to life. . .

This is the story of a man standing against the society that has been killing poets for centuries. The man is a mad man who claims himself to be an intellectual giant and a man who was believed to be capable of doing anything. Continue reading “Dead Poets’ Society”

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Raising Helen

“How will you take care of us if you died too?”, asked the perky eight year old.

“Oh, this? It won’t kill me for years.”, she replied as she put off the cigarette. Continue reading “Raising Helen”

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Sleepless in Seattle

The story of a love that longed for magic!

In the last scene of the movie, when destiny finally got an upper hand over the pragmatism of the individuals and saw them meet, he said, ‘It’s you!’. Continue reading “Sleepless in Seattle”