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Dead Poets’ Society

When the dead poets come to life. . .

This is the story of a man standing against the society that has been killing poets for centuries. The man is a mad man who claims himself to be an intellectual giant and a man who was believed to be capable of doing anything. He jumps into the same society that killed so many poets to dare the impossible – revive the dead poets amongst its men. He is out on a mission of giving away unasked for redemption. The redemption is unasked for because the men do not even know they are living a dead life. He finds his way into the heart of those select few who realise that there was something dying inside them. These are the ones who follow the mad man’s instructions with diligence. They are open to the idea of exploring newer ways to look at the world and most importantly to find their own unique voice – add their own verse to the grand play that is going on. They are dying poets who have realised of their slow poisonous death. They are being revived and resurrected.

dps 1

Passion is infiltrated into their hearts, those hearts that were born to love and drool over passion. Their minds are being trained to un-train themselves and to question their worlds. They are taking charge and responsibility for their feelings and emotions. They are finding responsibility towards themselves and their deepest buried dreams in the name of the right life that was right for all the thousands. He is asking them to realise their differences with each other and accepting their differences. In fact, even being proud of those differences. And most importantly, he is teaching them to stick around for each other and pushing each other to excellence.

dps 2.jpg

These young boys are discovering the mature poets within them. It is a grand journey of this discovery that has been portrayed across the story. They are rediscovering love and art in their everyday life. They are not locking up things of beauty and joy for those rare occasions when they think they have earned them. They instead go against the things they are brought up to believe and seep in everything that is beautiful and passionate into their lives. They dare to break the rules that prevent them from structuring their dreams.

dps 5.jpg

But what they do not knows that the journey to being a poet is one of danger and darkness as well. These dangers are laid out in their paths by the very people who are illusioned in to believing that they are but protecting the treasures of these young bright kids.

Post a dramatic turn of events driven by only one entity that can possibly cause such events – passion, the mad man is successful in reviving men from the dead. The story ends with the few he could save standing upright amongst the almost dead. While passion keeps these daring men who stand up to life, alive; fear on the other hand kills the rest who refuse to let the surge of passion in.




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