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A Dead Star and A Wise Old Man

“One that still shines its light upon us, long after it is gone”

This is a star that is dying. A star gives off light throughout its lifetime and also after it dies. The light released travels across time and space to be received by this tiny part of the galaxy as well. We look at the existence of the star and be warmed by it in the dark nights. Continue reading “A Dead Star and A Wise Old Man”

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Pursuit of Happyness

There is an old fable I grew up with called the Lion and the Sheep. There was once a lion’s baby growing up with a herd of sheep. It was by accident that the predator had become family to the preys. The baby cub grew up to think he was one of the sheep until one fine day they all went on a picnic to the Riverside. Continue reading “Pursuit of Happyness”