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Shh…hear the silence. Hear it for it has a rhythm now.

Shh…see the darkness. See it for it is lit

up now.

It is lit up in blue, the deep blue of the oceans. It is quiet down here but with a rhythm of its own. For there is life down here. And life comes with all its noises, even in the deepest blues.

Come…witness this life that is the whole. A whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Come…look at the parts so brittle and so fragile. Barely making it through without other parts to help.

Slow down…and now see the life that you are. The life that you breathe right now. See how you are no different from those fragile parts barely sustaining their togetherness.

Sit still…and feel the flow in your body. The flow of life, of the blue, of the waters as if in the womb. Feel it flow in your throat and your gut and your fragile bones.

Sit still…and look at yourself die. Look at how you are dying and you cannot do anything about it. It is inevitable, it is horrifying, it is happening – in the deep, in the blue, in the womb.

We are forgetting a great man’s words and also our fragilities, forgetting that we are indeed islands of the blue ocean; parted on the surface but connected in the deep.

We want to live by letting the other die, fall, break away. We are breaking the central axiom of the chaos, the axiom that builds on itself, convoluting on itself and creating the intricacies of life meanwhile. We are deluding ourselves with the complicated intricacies, forgetting the simpler truth behind those intricacies.

We save another to be saved by another. We save another to be saved by another. That is how intricacies grow, parts attract themselves to each other and make a whole. You save the immediate other from their peril and you are saved one day by another from yours.

Shh…come…sit still…and remember what it is to be alive in the deep.


thedeepcut from Wendy Jehlen on Vimeo.

Wendy Jehlen is the Creative Director of Anikaya Dance Theatre. Graduate of the revered Harvard Divinity School, she runs her labor of love, Anikaya, for almost a decade now. She believes and materialises it through her dance – the Dark Matter – the interconnectedness of everything!

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