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From Dreams to Reality – 500 Days of Summer

And so after 500 days of a tug of war between the mirror of Tom’s dreams and the dark but real world of Summer – reality gave up on dreams.

So often we life we look for something so desperately that we miss it even if it is right in front of our eyes. Our minds are on alert anticipating all the ways the thing that we are looking for is going to find us or we are going to find it. We project in our heads all sorts of possibilities and work accordingly.

Only these projections of possibilities only blind us to the present we are living. We are not looking at what is here and seeing instead what it could be. How ridiculous is that!

But then it turns out it is how we do so many things. And what is the most searched thing for us? Watch before leave for office, umbrella for the rains, an old pair of earrings that match perfectly to our dress, our phones, a job, a soul mate? Well all of the above.

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We have at some point of time in our lives spent thinking about and acting on how to find one of the above things. And the one most looked for thing is usually a soul mate, someone to love or simply just looking for love.

We project all the childhood fantasies that we associate to finding a soul mate. All those stories we grew up fantasising about, the cutest crush in the movies, the most beautiful meadow where the boy meets the girl with the wind in his hair and love in his eyes. We are looking for those moments that we lived in these stories as moments of love. We begin projecting them onto our lives only not realising we are but blinding ourselves to the present.

You see, the danger here is that we do not find our soul mate in dreams. We find them in real life, the life we are living right now. But the projections we set up on the canvas of our mind only blocks out what is real and before us.

We are bound to the images of our dreams. We think that is what love is and if anything ever is to shake us out of them, we would be deprived of those dreams. And so we hang on to them all the more desperately, as if it was our hope as we drown amidst life.

But what we need to realise is what makes these dreams so powerful so as to become our lifelines while all the time blocking out our lives for us? It is a deep held fear, fear that all the truth lies in these dreams.

This happens when we do not live dreams in real life. For the dreams are but reflection of life. But they are not life. Your reflection is yours but it is not you. It is as stupid to think dreams were life as it is to think the person in the mirror is also you. In fact to think that the person in the mirror is the truer one and not you.

And all this because in our real life we are not living our dreams, we are not fulfilling those dreams which we should. We are not doing things we want to do and allowing ourselves to be led by the world around us. We are not listening to our own voices and so we have to rely on the voices of our dreams to lead us.

This causes a visible rift between what is real and what is dream. We see the reflections in the mirror as becoming more romantic than our real selves. We come addicts to the mirror and lose touch with the real selves. Thus allowing the real us to rot and degenerate.

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That was the condition in which the hero of this story, Tom, met Summer. He was in a state of complete divide between his real world and his dream world. He had assumed that it was when his dream of finding true love would come true that he would be happy. He had painted a picture for himself in the mirror and was intent on living it. His reality was distraught. He was caught up in a job he did not want to do and too afraid of doing something he should be doing.
And that is when he meets Summer. There are instant deja vu’s with his mirrored dream. He projects them onto her and invites her in his caged and deluded world of dreams. But she is way too practical to get caught. She refuses to be caged in the mirrors of dreams. She is unsure of finding reality in the smoke of these mirrors. Yet his strong belief has her stay and not leave immediately. There is something she knows is true about these dreams. (She probably sees the specks of reality even in the reflections.) But she cannot convince herself of it all being real. He gave her no reason to believe it could be real.

And so after 500 days of a tug of war between the mirror of Tom’s dreams and the dark but real world of Summer – reality gave up on dreams.

She walked away. Only to see that she was tinted with his dreams. She found her love and her dreams come to life. She knew it was because of him but also that she had broken him down. He was lost in an abyss now deprived of his dreams as well. So she checks up on him to find that reality had taken a toll on him instead. He was working on what was real instead. He had given up on his dreams and that is when she rescues him back by gifting him his dreams back. She says, ‘You were right about all your dreams. It was me you were not right about.’


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