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When I Told My Mother Why I Love Words – Magic Moments with Mother

My mother just came down and sat next to me, discussing a situation.

She told me about how my dad was upset with something my brother had done. I asked her what happened.

So, my brother and his wife were going to have guests this week. It is his birthday week and so my sister in law has planned for a party on his birthday and invited her mother over. Her mother lives 1500km away and so she asked my brother to book tickets for her.

Which he did and which is what upset my father apparently. This is so because my brother himself travels in tickets cheaper than the ones he bought for his mother in law.

So my father thinks he shouldn’t have booked these more expensive ones for his mother in law. Despite the fact that she was visiting his son, at his place, for his birthday, going to help his son and his daughter with household chores for almost a month!

The main problem was not that the tickets were expensive. The problem was that they were for his mother in law. After all, it was the wife’s mother and it was a mother, not even the father. (My sister in law’s father passed away when she was four years old.)

So my mom simply deluded the above things with a simple sentence that said, that my father is going to talk to my brother about the situation. And ask him to be more manly and responsible with his money.

I was just reading a wonderful paragraph from the latest Brainpickings weekly newsletter. It was about LOVE and how we TEACH OUR KIDS TO LOVE without even knowing it.

(And it was also about how the most profoundly deep human condition was reduced to a shallow waters of instant gratification, post the World War II.)

It was a musician named Leonard Bernstein that was being spoken about. He happened to have some of the most beautiful ideas about reinstating that lost understanding of love in a whole post war generation which was ready for world annihilation any minute, which was impatient and anxious – the two greatest enemies of LOVE.

I read out a paragraph to her. It said

We destroy our children’s songs of existence by giving them inhibitions, teaching them to be cynical, manipulative, and all the rest of it… You become hardened, but you can find that playfulness again. We’ve got to find a way to get music and kids together, as well as to teach teachers how to discover their own love of learning. Then the infectious process begins.

[My mother is a typical upper middle class wife of a Government officer who was brought up in an orthodox lower middle class family but happened to marry an engineer who became an officer. So now she has to bridge the worlds of her childhood and adulthood. One of the strength bearing trusses of this bridge, that she and many other women like her, bridge is that of English. They belong to a society where English is a symbol of being forward, educated and classy. They themselves have grown up learning in regional languages. So I decided to explain it out to her.]

I began from the phrase, songs of existence. I told her the world Universe roots itself in Uni-single Verse-song. It was so because the whole existence was supposed to be seen like a single song of which we were all a part – and not just a part, a contributing part. Musicians in the grand recording hall of the Song of Eternity. This made the individual songs that we contributed, the Songs of Existence – proofs of our being.

So when we teach our kids to be cynical, manipulative and the rest of it – we are hardening them. We stifle the music inside them. We disable them from playing that music, that song of their existence.

This was the first time I ever brought out something I was reading with LOVE to the woman who taught me how to LOVE. I was finding words to what she wanted to tell about the situation with my brother and my father.

She came to sit next to me telling about what was wrong withmy father’s disapproval. And how he was using his position to manipulate his son, teaching him to manipulate. Manipulate him into carrying forward the patriarchal and inhuman values he was living till now.

I gave her words to understand what exactly was wrong about it all. After all this was the gift of the World of Words where we can share existences with people who have long died or live in far away lands where the sun sets as our sun rises. This is how we know, we are all sharing this existence, these songs within us!


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Boyhood | Life In Fast Forward

It is believed that devil is in the details. When we get too engrossed in the details of life, we lose sight of life as a whole. This lack of perspective invites inferior human characteristics of impatience, mistrust and helplessness.

For we forget that life can change courses in moments and also remain the same for ages. It is sort of dualistic in nature, much like the physics of light. Like light is different when viewed from different prespectives – a wave and a particle – life follows suite.

It is the timely detachment from everyday details and meditation ont he grander perspective to the whole life – that hold the key a lot of life’s deeper troubles.Then we see how much change has essentially occured between two separated points of time instead of believing nothing really ever changed. And that nothing really ever changes.


This is so because the time interval at which we experience life evryday is so short that we soon become accustomed to the gradual changes that occur around us. Tha mundanities take a toll onto us and the commonly shared world views do nothing to help us see the bigger picture. And very soon, the time we have is over!

Oh, what a tragedy to have lived through every moment and yet never to have lived at all!

Experience the incredible power of the moment, which when viewed from appropriate perspectives, can gift us with such fulfilling lives. Experience it in this wonderful story of a family. Grow with its kids and parents through the decade that it has been shot through. Real characters, real aging, real life – well, almost! Look back at the life of how a boy turns into a man, all of a sudden and yet every single day.

And in the meantime, pause to relflect on your own growth from a boy to a man or a girl to a woman? It is quite satisfyingly haunting, but is sure to leave you with a smile on your face!


The movie Boyhood was created over a span of 12 years, wherein the cast and crew was shot at different age groups in their real lives. In the movie, we can actually see each character aging naturally and in accordance with the age of the character in the story. It is believed to be a one-of-its-kind cinema in the industry today.

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Gravity | Return to Gravity of Love


One of the most poignant and profound moments of the story is when the main protagonist declares herself drifting in space. She is traveling unattached to any other object in her surroundings. There is no gravity that is holding her captive.

And yet, in that moment the freedom from captivity is of utmost horror. She can remain suspended and adrift till she runs out of oxygen.

But she does not. She is rescued by her partner. He finds and takes her back to her gravity, both physically and metaphysically.

In her personal life, she was on the verge of a meaningless, gravity-less drift. She had lost her daughter to the silliness of vulnerably fragile human existence. She was held together only by the strand of her duty to her work. All the love in her life was slowly distancing from her, the way the love of earth (her gravity) was distancing from her.


She was slowly escaping the grasps of this gravity of love. She was slowly escaping into death. For it is in this gravity that there is love. Just like the gravity of earth behold life in its womb, the gravity of love beholds the souls in its womb.

Her partner not only brings hewr back to the possibility of re-entering the earth’s warm arms of gravity, but he also brings back the most essential gravitational pull that keeps all of life together. It is that of love and hope. Love for life and hope for life.

It is not just the story of an astronaut, drifted in space by a hazard, fighting for a way back to earth’s gravity. it is also the story of a human soul finding its way back to the gravity of life. The indomitable will to never give up on life, even in the face of the gravest of times and vilest of vulnerabilites.

And live, live to tell the story of one-hell-of-a-ride that life ineviatably is.

Can you tell her that I love her so much? Can you tell her I am not quitting?



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Titanic – When a Kingdom Sank for its Queen

She was the princess of the kingdom. She bore the treasures of not only gems and precious stones. She also bore priceless art. She was a pearl of purity in the oyster of the kingdom. She was just the right choice for a queen. Not only for her wealthy treasure chest, but a wealthy heart in her chest. A generous queen full of love and beauty.

Her voyage to a new life began on the world’s greatest ever built ship. She was gifted the greatest diamond, coloured in the colour of the ocean she was to cross. A new land, a new kingdom awaited on the other side. A new kingdom of dreams and possibilities. And she rode a boat of dreams to the land of dreams.


If only all that was real!

Even if it was, eternally the truth, it was never the truth of the world she was actually born in. Her truest treasures were seen to be her fair skin and rosy lips. And never her heart of gold and pristinely azure windows to her soul.

She was kept captive in the fortress where she was meant to fly with her wings wide open.

Nevertheless, she found her suitable king. Only he too was not a real king in her world. He was in fact the pauper of the kingdom.

And yet he was the richest of them all. He was blessed with a art that was as profound as the ocean on which they met.


It was the frog of the pond that returned the princess her golden ball of life. She was rescued from near death to a fulfilling life beyond. If only the frog had time enough to show to the world, he was a prince. A prince under a curse of an ugly face and life of darkness.

Alas! In this story, it was the whole kingdom that was cursed. The whole kingdom was cursed of an ugly face and a lifetime of darkness. It chained its queen and ragged its king as a pauper of the underworld.

Maybe they deserved to be drowned in the very profounds that it sailed. It took the downfall of an entire kingdom of desiccated souls into an ocean full of water. It took an unsinkable boat to sink. Above all, it took the greatest price, that of the life of the most beautiful, generous artist. It took all of that to save the queen and give her a chance to life, to freedom, to beauty.


(Cover art courtesy –

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How Studying Galaxies Teaches Us That We Are Never Present!

We are never present. We never see the present. We are always looking at something that was in the past. Because in the act of seeing, there is always a loss of time.

This simple awareness of the lacking in our human consciousness can be witnessed in the study of the cosmos. Every grand imagery we have of the solar system or the galaxy or the galaxies beyond – is a view that occurred millions of years ago. It is never in the moment.

Cyg X, a star-forming region in Cygnus. (source

There it is so because the act of seeing requires for us to receive light. And such greater are the distances, that light itself takes years and years to reach us. The moment of occurrence has already passed. But we come to witness it only in retrospection.

Oh, what a tragic thought. We are never in the present, not even on the earth. We are always seeing the past, thinking about the past, reacting to the past. The act of seeing, thinking, reacting itself takes up time that we miss out on the present.

It is one of the greatest and subtlest losses we incur nearly every moment of everyday.

Oh, just think about the possibilities of seeing the present. The possibility of looking at gases and dust assembling, coalescing to give birth to a star. A star that would brn for years and years. It would shine and give life. But in the moment, we could witness its birth, its inception.

The weird and powerful star G79.29+0.46, surrounded by shells of expanding gas. Estimated occurrence, about 4000 light years. (source)

It would require us to not see the even though. For the simple reason that the act of seeing, takes time. And this time is only time lost. When we are trying to see we are losing time. We cannot try to see. Then how do we live in the present?

By being aware? Bearing witness to the present as it is happening? Not when it is gone in the past, not when it is about to occur – but right now. Right now, with all its nuances, leaving nothing seen, yet everything, unseen.

It is one of the most satisfying experiences to witness an occurence in the present. To see a process unfolding, a cocoon breaking to release a butterfly, a river changing courses over decades, a child growing from a two inch egg. To not see the butterfly after it is a butterfly but as it is transforming. To not see a river after decades without realising any change in its position. To not see a grown baby come out of a mother but see it transform. 

It is this witnessing the transformation that is the root of all satisfaction. A detached observance of what many men have called Flow of Life, Deep Play, Interconnectedness, Universally Stable Chaos.