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Titanic – When a Kingdom Sank for its Queen

She was the princess of the kingdom. She bore the treasures of not only gems and precious stones. She also bore priceless art. She was a pearl of purity in the oyster of the kingdom. She was just the right choice for a queen. Not only for her wealthy treasure chest, but a wealthy heart in her chest. A generous queen full of love and beauty.

Her voyage to a new life began on the world’s greatest ever built ship. She was gifted the greatest diamond, coloured in the colour of the ocean she was to cross. A new land, a new kingdom awaited on the other side. A new kingdom of dreams and possibilities. And she rode a boat of dreams to the land of dreams.


If only all that was real!

Even if it was, eternally the truth, it was never the truth of the world she was actually born in. Her truest treasures were seen to be her fair skin and rosy lips. And never her heart of gold and pristinely azure windows to her soul.

She was kept captive in the fortress where she was meant to fly with her wings wide open.

Nevertheless, she found her suitable king. Only he too was not a real king in her world. He was in fact the pauper of the kingdom.

And yet he was the richest of them all. He was blessed with a art that was as profound as the ocean on which they met.


It was the frog of the pond that returned the princess her golden ball of life. She was rescued from near death to a fulfilling life beyond. If only the frog had time enough to show to the world, he was a prince. A prince under a curse of an ugly face and life of darkness.

Alas! In this story, it was the whole kingdom that was cursed. The whole kingdom was cursed of an ugly face and a lifetime of darkness. It chained its queen and ragged its king as a pauper of the underworld.

Maybe they deserved to be drowned in the very profounds that it sailed. It took the downfall of an entire kingdom of desiccated souls into an ocean full of water. It took an unsinkable boat to sink. Above all, it took the greatest price, that of the life of the most beautiful, generous artist. It took all of that to save the queen and give her a chance to life, to freedom, to beauty.


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