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Gravity | Return to Gravity of Love


One of the most poignant and profound moments of the story is when the main protagonist declares herself drifting in space. She is traveling unattached to any other object in her surroundings. There is no gravity that is holding her captive.

And yet, in that moment the freedom from captivity is of utmost horror. She can remain suspended and adrift till she runs out of oxygen.

But she does not. She is rescued by her partner. He finds and takes her back to her gravity, both physically and metaphysically.

In her personal life, she was on the verge of a meaningless, gravity-less drift. She had lost her daughter to the silliness of vulnerably fragile human existence. She was held together only by the strand of her duty to her work. All the love in her life was slowly distancing from her, the way the love of earth (her gravity) was distancing from her.


She was slowly escaping the grasps of this gravity of love. She was slowly escaping into death. For it is in this gravity that there is love. Just like the gravity of earth behold life in its womb, the gravity of love beholds the souls in its womb.

Her partner not only brings hewr back to the possibility of re-entering the earth’s warm arms of gravity, but he also brings back the most essential gravitational pull that keeps all of life together. It is that of love and hope. Love for life and hope for life.

It is not just the story of an astronaut, drifted in space by a hazard, fighting for a way back to earth’s gravity. it is also the story of a human soul finding its way back to the gravity of life. The indomitable will to never give up on life, even in the face of the gravest of times and vilest of vulnerabilites.

And live, live to tell the story of one-hell-of-a-ride that life ineviatably is.

Can you tell her that I love her so much? Can you tell her I am not quitting?



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