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. . . Forrest Gump!

The story begins on an unbelievable note. The boy is actually of the lineage of Christopher Columbus and also the man who began the Klan in America. Yet the little boy lives a Normal life. As his mother says to him after he gets his question marked legs braced, ‘You are not different from anyone. You are Normal. Don’t let anyone tell you, that you are different. You are Normal.’

And yet the little boy goes on to break open those braces as he runs and runs like a wind. He runs through his life to be a Football champion, a low IQ college graduate, a Government Honoured Army Commando, a Millionnaire businessman. He is everything a man could ever want, dream, desire, wish, fantasise in life. But he still believed he was Normal, not different from any other person.

The unbelievable stance of this man’s story bursts all the Bubbles of your Expectations. Your Expectations of reality, of how a man should live, how much he should love, how much he should work hard, how intelligent should he be, how successful can he be – are all burst with a pin. All that remains of you is an unbiased witness to the True Story.

The True Story that celebrates the tragic nature of human life. That says to you that even the most successful, unimaginably lucky and talented man was still lonely. He was still alone, all by himself. Everything he ever loved, he ever had, was one day taken away from him. His Mama, Bubba and even Jenny. They all would be reasons for everything that makes him jealous worthy and they still leave him, always. They always leave behind someone for him.

Bubba leaves him his Mama. Mama leaves him his Jenny. Jenny leaves behind their son, Little Forrest.

Everything that he loves with all his heart, one day, disappears. Just like that. Leaving him aching in his Soul. And yet he lives on. Occupied in things to do. Because he thinks he is Normal. So he does Normal things. And continues to do them till he runs out of Time or Energy. And then just before drifting into sleep he reminisces Everything he has Lost.

When awake and doing his Normal things, he forgets he has ever Lost anything. He forgets he is alone.

When not awake – drifting to sleep or just embracing the veils of the other world – he allows himself to believe for just a moment that he is maybe not so Normal. That he has Lost the Most special things. And that could only be because he once had the Most special things.

He once had the Purest love of a Mother. He had the Purest brotherhood for a Friend. He once had the Purest love of his Jenny.

But by then he is too tired to drop a tear. He snugs cosy into the void of dreams before he can realise anything other than the fact that he is Normal.

He wakes up to the thought that he is, but, Normal. Every Normal person loses something or someone. Every Normal person sees Death of a loved one. Every Normal loves someone as dear as he does.

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