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Amelie | Simplest Definition of Love Possible

What is love?

This fragile question has haunted so many men and women, over so many centuries. Some answer it very simply while others lay down pages and pages in its honour. This story here is probably one of the simplest ever told.

It is the story of Amelie and Nino as they are slowly understanding the meaning of the word Love for themselves and for us as well.  

It all begins with a Wish, an unfulfilled Desire, a withheld Frustration – each one may pick which ever they find suitable. But all three are essentially empty pieces in the Jigsaw puzzles of our lives. Some optimistic, cheer hearted, gullible souls may ask a Wish to find the missing pieces. Some obsessive, anxious, fluttering souls may Desire the completion of their puzzle. Some pessimistic, heart broken, angry ones may nurture a Frustration at the incomplete challenge.

But each one necessarily holds an incomplete Jigsaw puzzle, a gaping hole in their almost perfect world but as of now imperfect worlds.

And that is when enters Love. Love is quite simply a Kind Helping Hand that lays down a very crucial missing piece of the Jigsaw.

Amelie discovers this simple truth on the day she adds a single, most crucial missing piece in the puzzle of a 48 year old stranger by returning him the Wish to live life fully. To forgive his rebellious daughter and take her back into his incomplete world. To lover her back like a father who has made memories of mistakes in his own childhood. It is these memories that Amelie brings back to the old man.

Ever since, Amelie sets out to be a Do-Gooder. She vows to add missing piece or pieces in the incomplete Jigsaw puzzles of those around her. When she cannot find them, she even sits down to make them out of thin air. And it is this endeavour of hers that prepares her for that wonderful relationship of Love.

In Love for man or a woman, you complete the Jigsaw puzzles of your Beloved but along the way you realise that you are completing missing pieces in your puzzle as well. What results is a lifelong exchange of pieces that helps mutually complete the two incomplete puzzles involved. It begins in the act of Kindness and when it runs a lifetime, it becomes Love. Rather, it is simply called Love. A Loving Kindness that goes on and on till the very end, till the pictures are complete.

The little story revolves around the young woman utilising her new found independence to distribute pieces to incomplete Jigsaw puzzles she witnesses around her everyday. From her colleagues at work, to the people who share her apartment building, to the old painter she shares her solitude with, to her own father. She helps them realise the incomplete state of their puzzles. Brings to their notice their unfulfilled Wish, insatiated Desire or a lingering Frustration. And then she helps them resolve it, thus deriving a state of Perfect Bliss.

The mystical force that begins Amelie’s adventure into the world of Do Gooders, also begins her adventure of find her Love. She discovers a heartfelt unfulfilled Wish of a complete stranger. And she is instantly consumed by a Wish to fulfill it. Almost as if it was her own Wish, her own Desire, which left unfulfilled would somehow leave her Frustrated. She was discovering a missing piece in her own puzzle while trying to extend a Kind Hand to this stranger. She was discovering her own loneliness that needed someone to Love, someone to help complete her incomplete puzzle. She Wished him, now, to be the one that helps her complete herself while she returns the favour back.

And so begins the adventure of Amelie, as she helps Nino, find the answer to a hilariously annoying question he holds in his heart. (The unknown identity of a strange man who clicked himself across a myriad photobooths in the city.) His question is answered in a glorious moment of satisfaction for Amelie. And he goes on to return her Kind Hand by carving out a missing piece of Love for Amelie in return.

Thus begins their adventure of a lifelong exchange of puzzle pieces and thus ends the story of Amelie and Nino finding their Love!


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