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When Death Breaks the Charm of Happily-Ever-Afters | A Little Bit of Heaven

Romantic comedies and romantic drama has been one of my most binge watched genres of movies for a very long time. Until I decided on writing deeper and more meaningful things, I did not drift away from this genre. But every now and then I turn back and spend a series of movies from the same old lovey dovey list where the movies begin with a lack of love and end with eternal love having been found.

But over the years, the genre has pushed me towards what is called a more serious kind of romance – the romance that is usually followed or preceded by a death. Either of the lovers or one only one of them, leaving my usual expectations of a happily-ever-after exposed to real life.

And actually thinking about it, it is easy to see how the greatest of love stories are indeed associated with death. Death is the greatest loss of life, its opposite, better or worse half I cannot say for sure, but its half. And somehow love is deeply connected to both of them deeply. As if love was the quality of the entity whose two opposite faces were life and death. As if love was the value of the coin, whose opposite sidees were life and death, head and tail.

These stories, they are people responding to deaths of people they knew. They cannot, would not, may not be about people dying themselves. It is about people dealing with the ideas of death as well of life, these stories. In these stories that move you to life or to death, are about real life people who moved to music that made them feel alive, or cried tears of pain at a death and converted those tears into words to become stories.


The movie ends with the woman and the form in which she saw her God, sitting on a couch, sipping champagne the celebration drink and moving like Gods to the wonderful music of celebration. A new child was born on the day that she dies. Feeling so much happiness and so much sadness all at once is not easy. And amazingly that is what is life. Atleast that is what the storytellers of this story want to share with us. How life is incredibly happy and incredibly sad all at once. There is life and there is death. There is life because there was death and there is death only because there was life. How does the number of souls increase because human population increases you may ask, well that is a bummer I am yet to resolve.

But until then, these wonderful stories continue to make me feel alive and grateful for being alive as is. I am with people who know what is love and what are life and death. I am surrounded by the words of some and I am surrounded by others physically, as family and dear friends!


Some lovely romantic drama every now and then is always a cheer up. Do watch one of those oldies that are your favourites or any new one or just the one I shared with you today, and have a tinge of the fairy tale romance in your real world cocktail!

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