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What is Mediocrity?

What is mediocrity?

What does it mean to never make it to the extremes, neither worst nor the best? 
Like this path up the mountains

That neither outlines the sleek beauty of the sunset

Like the highest of architecture aesthetics do

Nor does it dissolve into its surroundings

Becoming one with the beauty it helps us reach

Held by stones and roots of trees

Trodden by footsteps on the mountain soil


It is just there 

like an ugly reminder 

to the traveller and the sunset lover

Of the service it dispels to them

It is ugly because it demands attention 

instead of commanding awe . . .

Ego. More than anything else makes the foundation stone of mediocrity. Ego demands attention, reminds of its ephemeral utility in the ugliest manners possible. Remember this ugly path, just like this! 

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