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Stories are medicine

Poems are shock treatments

Both of them require the deliverer 

Of medicine, to be extremely knowledgeable

To be aware of the facts and also 

Have a mystic connection with hope

To know the disease needed to be won over with a course

To know the exact points of pressure to be touched

It is as demanding and as exhaustive a job

Of storytelling, whether a shock of poetry 

Or extended course of a long form story,

As is the job of medicine

It takes a lot of study and 

A lot of practice

Storytellers, the true ones, are healers

They are men and women of curing, la curandera

Like doctors, the true ones, 

Are also faces of God on Earth

Yes, God. But remember here Gods

Are hung by the wrist on crosses of passion

Are expected to heal and cure across space and time

Are expected to turn water into wine

Endure. All you storytellers

Endure the noble burden of healing

Endure. All you poets

Endure for the are too proud of their diseases


Cover image ©thestonedstoryteller


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