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From A River To The Ocean

​I am the river 

And you are my ocean

I am the raging waters

With depths unseen, untouched 

I scare men and their little kids

Who fear drowning in my velvet depths

They call me treacherous and two faced

A life giver as well as a life swallower

I fertilise lands and also engulf them 

I grow civilisations and then wipe them clean

But you, you are my ocean

You give my chaotic movements,

A directional undercurrent

You are the end to which

My madness roars

You are the ocean whose

Water in my womb, flows

When men can understand

Your mighty vast depth

They will no longer be afraid

Of me either. They will have 

Understood my source

As well as my end

I will no longer remain

The treacherous bipolar

The life giver and The life taker

They will have finally

Learnt to take care of life

In you as in me

Until then 

You have me to love you

And i have you to love me

I am the river and 

You are my ocean . . .


Cover video ©stonedstoryteller

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