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Dusk – An ode to a lost love

You know the day has ended

But the world has not

You know the sun isnt really

Disappearing but only we 

Are facing away for a night

You know it is for the best

So your tired body can rest

You know a new day 

Is only a few hours away

You know despite the pain of farewell

The beauty is unmissable

You know this beauty of death

At the end of what was once beautiful

Like a broken doll or soon ending summer vacation 

Last day of college or a broken relation

They all end with a high flame

Giving off their grace, one last time

You know this is that one last time

And you still ache, you still well your eyes

You still feel the dark hopelessness

Wrap around your soul once more

And you lay there torn

In battle as old as time

Between new and old 

Between day and night

As unprepared as on

The first dusk of your life


Cover image ©thestonedstoryteller

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