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​First Words From The Wild 

On the longest day of college

When my world came torn apart

Darkness veiled all my warriors of  light

And egos damped labours of love

You took me in your depths

Warmed me with your large buttresses

Cooled me with your quiet zephyrs

Your huge arms swooped down from the sky

And wrapped around me, whispering

Words of wisdom in my ears

I sat their stunned by your presence

You were but a tree, were you not?

How could i see your soft words

On the velvet of my soul

Guiding me with the way ahead? 

I heard from you the first time that night

And then again on my birthday

And when i touched a man’s pulse

And when i quit a soul sucking job

And when i twirled like a dervish

And many more times ahead

It all began here, beneath you green love

Splashed across the blue sky


Cover image ©thestonedstoryteller

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