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A Treacherous Mountain Being

You are a magnificent blue green

In the sun’s shade

You breathe the mountain winds

On your rippled surface

And feed on the rains

Those zephyrs bring

A blessed gem beneath

The mountain knuckles

A carved and shining stone

Held captive in minerals and its own value

It is only when the sun retires

That you return to your wild self

Disappearing into the dark skies

Ceasing to be a decoration

Becoming an untamed force

Unseen and indecipherable

Dissolved into oblivion


You quietly teach by example

To men, the art of living

Paying honage to light and life by day

Retiring to darkness and death by night

To live the best of both worlds

Above, as under

To remain inbued in contradictions

And yet be a wholesome being


Cover image ©thestonedstoryteller

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