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to the brave wanderer

out in the open waters where you tasted freedom cast ephemeral shadows under the sun painted your own paintings with the hue

you also lost some of your own colour in the nights of the journey and the bumps of rough waves 

when it was time to return to the shore you looked back in despair for having achieved nothing but loss on this journey 

loss of dreams because it never turns out as you plan 

loss of love because you know you will leave the waters behind

loss of freedom because rest is also necessary 

and finally loss of those paintings you made with your shadows beneath the sun 

after all they were paintings on water what were you expecting | go on row ahead row back to solid grounds and saltless waters 

lie down after a hearty meal to look up at the stars 

fall asleep to counting them and dream dream dream again of these waters 

dream again of my vast uncertain chaos 

dream again of chartering another course down my dark waters 

dream again of a new adventure a new treasure a new love 

dream again of me


Cover image ©thestonedstoryteller

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