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Last Night You Were Here With Me | Tears Are Words Waiting To Be Written

Last night, that is early in the morning today, I lied down next to you and cried.

You were right here in my single bed, next to me, cuddling.

Soft warmth of your skin coming from the texture of your grey shirt, touched my right cheek.

A river flowed in my heart coming out in streams of tears, in absolute free fall.

Pain, fear, rage, hurt – nothing was a traceable cause of this stream.

For they were like real rivers flowing only because they must, because it was who they were.

It is in their nature to respond, to gravity.

I could feel the gravity of this love flowing between you and me.

I could feel it taking with it all the words that remained unsaid, to you.

I was loving in that moment, swooning at your soft skin and complaining all in the same breath.

Yes you were with me last night, I cannot accept any other version of reality.

We breathed in the same breath, we held the same beating heart in our chests.

I flowed down to you and you took me in so graceful, so wonderful.

I cried without any pain for you were right here with me.

I cried without any hurt for you healed all my wounds.

I cried without any hatred for your love filled me to the brim.

I cried without any reason for it was the only way my body responded to you.

The crinkled forehead and the crinkled sides of your eyes told me you understood.

You knew what these tears were, how happy sad they were, all at the same time.

You knew for this was the way I cried for My Lord, the one I am meeting at the end of this Life.

Knowing how long the journey had been, how painful, how tearful.

And yet every bit worthy of the end it gets, in your arms, by your side.


Tears are words waiting to be written down – Paulo Coelho

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