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Islands In An Invisible Ocean Of Fire | A Poem Of Love

You burn even before the flames touch you
The air’s quietly lit; The invisible air you breathe
The coolness is on fire transforming into hotness
And chars you away even before you realize its treachery
Proximity kills; Even breathing the air where something
Has set itself on fire; Catching up on you even before you know it
People who set themselves on fire; Body n soul
Flame your bones, your heart, your skin
Even before you know it and just like that
You’re burning; With them
And all your myths of distances and their tyrannies
Stories of falling apart and out of love
Melt with the heat waves only you can feel
Wrapping your bones, your heart, your skin
And you know the secret then; Only then
How we are all islands in the ocean
Separated on the surface; Connected in the deep


Monday Musings
Inspiration courtesy BBC Invisible World Series and William James


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