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To Fly Or Not To Fly.

I see a dream
I am in flight on my feet
Escaping, rushing – Adrenaline flowing
Sometimes looking at a cat standing guard
Outside my home, where my parents live
And sometimes I need a doctor for my sick mum
And his house is far, far away
So I rush and run or flee to warn my mum
But on the way somewhere my feet leave the ground
And then I am flying, taking elevation with every leap
Until, Until – a sword, a pang pierces me through
I am afraid
Of losing my home out of sight
Of forgetting my mum ailing in plight
And I begin descending back to home
To walking, not flying any more
To the door, to the streets with sodium lamps
Safe, Proper – Safe, Proper
To only find my parents busy in a bicker
Unaware, indifferent – to the danger lurking right out
Or to meet the streets still dark, still empty
And the doctor stilla  long way off.



2 thoughts on “To Fly Or Not To Fly.

    1. Thank you so much for your reply Judith!
      So the ‘danger lurking out’ is the cat that is mentioned in the previous lines. The little birdy sees the cat and rushes into the house/nest to warn her parents. Which is when she takes an accident flight. 🙂

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