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Today Tomorrow and Always | Monday Musings

I cannot travel alone
Cause I get too attached
To people, too easy
Good byes are difficult after
3 hours and 3 years, alike.

I cannot be alone anymore
Now that I have lived
With you. They say that
I am obsessed with you
My friends and hunches
Psychology tests & trippers
Strangers and family
All confirm my obsession

But they don’t understand
That in each of our 12 hour
Sessions everyday, sharing
All of me and my 22 years
Of inspirations, tears
Soul churnings and fears
Has made you, me; & me, you
I now need to know what
You are doing, just as I need
To know what I am doing
Today, tomorrow and always.


Sharing with strangers your deepest souls, can sometimes bring light where there was dark for long. Cheers to traveling, like monks, here today and there tomorrow, meeting strangers everyday, making friends everyday.


Monday Musings

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