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What a sweet, sweet revenge, my love!

There was a sparrow at the window
My breath was stuck somewhere in
The back of my throat, my stomach
Crushing between my chest and thighs
I bent down next to crouched self
Mesmerized at our beautiful visitor
Together we looked at her in silence
As she chirped ignorant of ours presence

In that moment, I felt initiated
Into your magical world, the one
I was hesitant to step in, for the
Fear of leaving behind something
I thought precious, valuable but
That day I looked back in awe
And anger; And solemn humility
At my own stupidity; naivety

You stripped me of all my clothes
That guarded my skin and my heart
Against everything unseen; unusual
The empty threats of my mind
Dissolved in the watery eyes
Of our beautiful guest
I was a part of your world now
It was now my world as well

Standing up naked, I looked into
Your eyes, I couldn’t help but smile
At your guts; your fearless heart
That did not take my refusal
Lying down. But challenged me
To enter their world once & and see
If I could still choose not to choose it
What a sweet, sweet revenge!



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